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About FootyWalk®

Our Ethos

FootyWalk Netherton Activity Centre, Glovers Lane, Liverpool

FootyWalk Netherton Activity Centre, Liverpool

FootyWalk’s® aim is to create a feel-good environment where people get together, make friends, get fit and have fun – we like to call it the three Effs!

We encourage people to really live in the moment, play fair and spread the feel-good vibes – both on and off the pitch.

We’re about ‘football for all’ which is what makes FootyWalk® perfect for everyone, no matter what your age or level of fitness, you can still join in the FootyWalk® spirit.

We take the game seriously … but not too seriously!

About The Game

We like to think of FootyWalk® as the slower paced, yet more skilful version of the beautiful game – otherwise known as walking football.

The game itself is based on regular football with just a couple of key differences:

1) Jogging, running and sprinting are classed as a foul – you cannot have more than one foot off the ground at any one time.

2) Slide tackles are also classed as a foul – you’ll need to dig into your skill repertoire to take the ball from your opponent.

3) There is no goalkeeper – the team work together to defend their own goal.

FootyWalk® brings together the best elements of football and interjects it with a few simple rules to widen its appeal, and reduce the risk to health, of injury and of foul play.

We bring an open-house mentality to the game and hope you do too.

Want to be a FootyWalk® Referee?

If you’re interested in running you own FootyWalk® group, find out more about becoming one of our very own fully trained referees today.