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Become a Referee

If there aren’t any games near you at the moment, or you’d like to start up your own group, why not become a Footywalk® Referee?

Referees are there to ensure people abide by the rules and to encourage fair play.

Footywalk® referees do this and more. They are the ambassadors of walking football. They get people together, organise games and encourage all participants to play by the FootyWalk® ethos.

Our approved referees can use the Footywalk® brand and trademark, advertise their venue and games on a dedicated page of our website as well as our Facebook page, and will receive a Footywalk® start-up kit.

We want all of our referees to be comfortable with the sport of walking football, the rules, our ethos, and our brand, so we hold a full day training course for all referees who qualify.

The course covers:

  • A bleep test (up to level 7)
  • Rules analysis
  • Game play
  • First aid
  • Our ethics and ethos code

On completion, you will be presented with a FootyWalk® certificate and start-up kit.

The cost of the training day is just £50.00 and £10.00 per month thereafter.

But that’s not all! Because we don’t want to lose touch with our FootyWalk® referees, we also hold conventions twice a year. These are a great way to keep in touch, get new ideas, meet other referees and be social.

These conventions are completely free to all FootyWalk® referees and we encourage you to attend at least one per year.

Contact us today to find out more or to discuss the next steps.