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The Rules

When you become a FootyWalk® Referee, you’ll receive full training on the rules and ethos we play the game by. You’ll also receive a starter kit to get you up and running with your own FootyWalk® community in no time.

For players, your FootyWalk® Referee will take you through the rules in greater detail. But to summarise the rules of walking football:

  • Players can not have more than one foot off the ground at once.
  • Players cannot run, sprint or jog while the ball is in play.
  • There are no goalkeepers – the team unites to protect their goal.
  • FootyWalk® is a no-contact sport and no slide tackles are permitted.
  • FootyWalk® uses a traditional football when played outdoors and can be adapted to use a lighter ball indoors.
  • FootyWalk® is played on a pitch 20/40 yards in length and 15/30 yards in width.
  • The pitch area can be adjusted to suit numbers.
  • If the ball goes off the pitch over the touchline, the game is restarted via a kick, roll or throw-in (to allow for different physical capabilities).
  • It can be played indoors or outdoors to depend on weather and available facilities.

Walking football is a sport for everyone – men, women, boys and girls – no discrimination allowed here!

If you’re looking for a fun, team-based activity, FootyWalk® is the ideal game for you.

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